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When South African furniture and homeware brand Weylandts turned the big two-zero, they decided to celebrate with a promotional drive that centred on one of their most distinctive products – the Marconi sofa. They approached us to help them get their message in front of the right people, on the right platforms, at the right time. Our mission? To develop and execute a touchpoint plan that would achieve two goals: encourage continued brand loyalty from existing patrons and attract a whole new wave of customers.

Behind the Scenes

Celebrating two decades of craft.  

So that’s what we did. We launched a carefully considered integrated campaign that leveraged the most relevant platforms for the Weylandts audience. And at the heart of this campaign was an irresistible offer: for one month only, the Marconi was being sold at its original 1999 launch price. To highlight the deal, and remind customers why the brand has thrived for two decades, an evocative video showcasing the Marconi production process was shot. It put the focus on Weylandts’ commitment to craftsmanship. On its attention to detail. On the faces behind the products.

Armed with compelling creative assets and data-driven insights, we set out to target both current and prospective customers with relevant messaging that would resonate at strategic points on the buying journey.

We started with sponsored editorial in key print titles. Supported by a persuasive YouTube video. And by staggered sets of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger ads, directed both at Weylandts’ existing database and a whole new audience with similar, relevant interests – an audience that was likely to find the Marconi offer extremely enticing. Finally, we engaged in remarketing to speak directly to every customer that had already shown intent to buy the sofa. And to encourage them to take that final next step. All along the way, we monitored, measured, tweaked and optimised performance to make sure that every cent Weylandts spent earned the kind of responses we desired.

20 Years of Craft


The campaign outperformed on every metric. So much so that we had to shut down advertising early due to demand. It delivered over 1,500% return on investment. And most importantly, ensured that Weylandts’ most iconic piece of furniture truly remained in style, and found its way into the homes of an entirely new customer group.

  • 33.41% spent of media budget only
  • 1 500% return on investiment

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We celebrated two decades of craft with one timeless classic.

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