Tasting Notes: A Story of Sound and Wine

Nedbank, long-term sponsor of the Cape Winemakers Guild


Connecting with audiences though the power of passions

Sometimes creative inspiration surprises people. It shouldn’t. Solving problems is underpinned by creativity, and creativity powered by passion transcends conventional thinking. Obstacles become opportunities.

Levergy connects brands with their audiences through the unbridled power of passions. The most powerful human truth, passion, moves people, connects people, inspires people

The story of Tasting Notes transports us briefly to the lockdowns. Nedbank, a long-term sponsor of the Cape Winemakers Guild (CWG), had become known over the years for hosting a high-end wine auction that raises funds for the guild’s development programme. The event offered Nedbank a yearly opportunity to engage with key clients. In 2022 the event could not go ahead and Nedbank engaged us to find a solution.

At Levergy we know that it doesn’t matter if it is 2022 or 2032, the power of passions not only connects, it energises, it innovates and it triumphs. In the case of Tasting Notes, it solved a seemingly insurmountable problem, drove action, it turned intrigue into experience. It positively and measurably positioned our client as innovative, desirable and genuinely caring.

We set out to reaffirm Nedbank’s commitment to the wine industry and to strengthen its relationship with its clients. We set the goal of democratising the wine experience and positioning Nedbank as a driving force of innovation, as a bank that understands and shares its key clients’ passion.

The result?

Tasting Notes: A Story of Sound and Wine

Drilling down to the science of passion. 

Nedbank’s marketing cloud showed that sentiment toward the banking industry had plummeted. Despite this, at the private-banking level, relationship banking is fundamental in retaining high-net worth clients. Relationships are built on connection and shared passions. And so the research began.

We analysed data from a number of sources, including Vinpro, Nedbank marketing cloud, internal Nedbank client data, a Stellenbosch university study, YouGov profiles and, importantly, a key study from Oxford University in the UK, among many more.

Research published by Oxford University revealed a proven scientific link between sound and taste. It showed that sound has the ability to alter taste. Senses, therefore, aren’t just linked, they can influence each other.

Having partnered with Cape Wine Guild wine experts, we knew that wine can be paired with anything and that the pairing choice itself changes the experience.

We asked: What if wine could be paired with music to enhance the tasting notes? What if music could enhance the flavour experience? What if music could become a tutorial on how to taste the deep and layered body of a glass of wine? Could we use music to enrich the lives of wine lovers and could we use it to welcome others into the textured passion of wine tasting?

With music being a global passion, the challenge provided a unique opportunity. By pairing the global appeal of music with the niche experience of wine tasting, we could democratise the experience while providing the boost the industry so desperately needed.

Cabernet Sauvignon provided the perfect variety as it is one of the most readily available and recognised grape varieties in the world.

And so, we partnered with neuroscientists, five CWG proteges and music composers to do just that. To create music that enriched the experience of tasting a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

We developed a scientifically proven piece of music that would enhance the tasting experience for wine aficionados, provide a novel tasting experience for lovers of wine, introduce new audiences to the richness of wine and draw unprecedented attention to the industry, and of course, our client.

Brand identity AV


Zeitz MOCAA, and its unique branding, successfully captured the imagination of the public. In its inaugural year, the museum welcomed almost 300 000 visitors, won 17 awards, made close to R40 million in revenue, and enjoyed over 175 000 website visits. And us? We brought home a Loerie for brand identity and collateral design work. And the satisfaction of having helped to create an icon for an icon.

  • 300 000 visitors
  • 17 awards
  • R40 million in revenue
  • 175 000 website visits

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