Can the right music make wine taste better?



The story of Tasting Notes transports us briefly to the lockdowns. Nedbank, a long-term sponsor of the Cape Winemakers Guild (CWG), had become known over the years for hosting a high-end wine auction that raises funds for the guild’s development programme. The event offered Nedbank a yearly opportunity to engage with key clients. In 2022 the event could not go ahead and Nedbank engaged us to find a solution.

We set out to reaffirm Nedbank’s commitment to the wine industry and to strengthen its relationship with its clients. We set the goal of democratising the wine experience and positioning Nedbank as a driving force of innovation, as a bank that understands and shares its key clients’ passion.

A Story of Sound and Wine 

We analysed data from a number of sources, including Vinpro, Nedbank marketing cloud, internal Nedbank client data, a Stellenbosch university study, YouGov profiles and, importantly, a key study from Oxford University in the UK, among many more. Research published by Oxford University revealed a proven scientific link between sound and taste. It showed that sound has the ability to alter taste. Senses, therefore, aren’t just linked, they can influence each other.

We asked: What if wine could be paired with music to enhance the tasting notes? What if music could enhance the flavour experience? What if music could become a tutorial on how to taste the deep and layered body of a glass of wine?

With music being a global passion, the challenge provided a unique opportunity. By pairing the global appeal of music with the niche experience of wine tasting, we could democratise the experience while providing the boost the industry so desperately needed.

We developed a scientifically proven piece of music that would enhance the tasting experience for wine aficionados, provide a novel tasting experience for lovers of wine, introduce new audiences to the richness of wine and draw unprecedented attention to the industry, and of course, our client.

A Story of Sound and Wine


Campaign success in numbers:

The campaign ran from 16 March 2022 – 30 June 2022. At the end of the campaign, 92% of respondents perceived Nedbank as more innovative and 86% of respondents value the bank more highly as a result of Tasting Notes.

In a world busier than ever before, one thing will never change: The power of passions to move people, and this is a huge opportunity for brands to engage with their audience.

  • 88% prevalence of key messages across PR coverage
  • 4.8-million campaign video views
  • 402,000 streams on Spotify
  • 80% of respondents agreed that the experience enhanced their wine tasting experience
  • 44.1-million global social reach
  • 54-million total PR reach
  • 95 articles written

Behind The Scenes

A piece of music that is scientifically proven to use music notes to enhance wine’s tasting notes.

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